About Jerry Codes

Hi there! My name is Jerry 👋

In the Jerry Codes blog, I share all sort of Python related content and thoughts related to software development in general. I'm a Python enthusiast, which you won't miss while reading the blog. The posts vary from language-independent discussion to semi niche Python topics and short tutorials.

I'm Finnish by nationality, and by heart. I don't take things too seriously while writing the content, neither should you while reading it. Most of the topics are tech-heavy but don't be surprised if you can spot some dry nerdy humour on the way.

Office hours

I work currently as a staff engineer & Python competence lead at Wolt. Most of my time during office hours is spent writing / reading beautiful Python code. Wolt is a product company but I have also done some years in consulting and even hacked around embedded and robotics related thingies during the early days of my career. In this blog, some of the posts originate from the learnings and observations which occur during the working hours. My interests include topics such as scalability (both software and people related), leadership, agile development, and best practices.

I'm also interested in teaching and mentoring. I have given some on-site Python trainings for both Python newbies and seasoned developers who are picking up Python. My first touch to teaching was in uni where I worked as a course assistant in the basics of programming course. Teaching has always been some sort of passion for me. The Python + teaching combination is a significant influencer for this blog.

~Office hours

Oh boy, I think I have too many side projects. You are currently viewing one of them. There are periods when I'm coding more on my spare time compared to "paid time". On the other hand, side projects provide a great balance for working vs non-working life: work related (sometimes stressful) thoughts are gone when I dive into my personal projects. In the blog, I discuss some of the side projects in detail.

The motivation for starting some new side project is usually eagerness to learn. If I have a clear learning objective, I often try to wrap it into a project in order to gain some deeper insights about the matter and also to keep the learning process interesting. I already mentioned that teaching is an influencer for the blog posts and so is its counterpart - learning.

Some of the yet unmentioned interests of mine include AI, machine learning, data science, robotics, and automation. Not to mention the "soft topics" (likely not covered in the blog posts) such as being a loving husband, chilling with my doges, tasting Belgian beers, and cooking.

Happy reading and coding! 🤓